The Dungeons Await

Ages ago, a legendary hero wielding the mysterious Pandora’s Sword sealed great evil within the depths of the world. Today, that sword has mysteriously broken opening the dungeons of ancient times, and releasing demon armies upon the world once again.

Defend the world and find the broken shards of the legendary weapon in an effort to reforge and lock the demon armies back into their realm.

Heroes Galore!

Summon and call upon legendary and mythical heroes like you have never seen them before. Some heroes are a play on well-known legends and others are completely unique. Get access to three types of heroes each with their unique burst skills in physical, magic, and healing/buff styles.

Active Battle System

In Dungeon Crash, form combinations of melee, magic, and control teams to fight against epic bosses and monsters. For every enemy you hit, power can be extracted to launch a timed skill burst. Knowing when to launch a heal skill or magical fireball could lead you to victory or defeat.

Crash into Dungeons

Breakthrough the deep earth to unlock Dungeons of eons ago, housing the treasures of old wars. Discover ancient weapon shards and items from legendary battle locations to shape the best armory to defeat evil.

Quest across the World of Berman

Berman is a massive world filled with lands peaceful and treacherous. You must take your team and travel the world to defeat the demon army that has spread.

Shape your Kingdom

To unify all your heroes in one place, you must build homes and support buildings in your kingdom so that they can live and grow more powerful. Customize how your kingdom looks through a variety of building selections offered.